All Areas
We wipe away any dust, marks, or spots from blinds, fan blades, window sills and furniture.
Empty Trash Can(s)
We empty the trash containers in all rooms and change with new bags where necessary. Please let us know where you keep new bags or leave them on kitchen counter.
Vacuum Carpet
Our maids will vacuum all carpets and rugs! Please let us know if you prefer the Maids to use your own vacuum cleaner.
Sweep & Mop Floors
We sweep and mop hard surface floors to remove any tough grime and dirt the vacuum left behind.
Clean Mirrors
Mirrors so clean you can see your reflection! 😉
Cobweb Removal
Using large duster, our maids will walk through your house and remove cobwebs from corners, ceilings, and behind furniture.
Hand Wipe All Surfaces
We will make sure all surfaces are meticulously hand wiped to make sure no detail is missed.
Spot Clean Walls
Our maids will spot clean all walls in your home.
Baseboard Detail
We use a duster to clean the baseboards.
Detail Doors/Door Frames
Our maids will make sure all doors and door frames have been cleaned and sanitized!
All Areas
Dust Cabinet Doors
We wipe away dust, splatters, or marks from cabinet surfaces.
Clean Countertops
We wipe down appliances (Toaster, Coffee Maker, Microwave) and clean areas behind them. When cleaning countertops and the backsplash, we only use products that are safe for marble and stone surfaces.
Vacuum Area Rugs
Our maids will vacuum all area rugs located in wet areas.
Polish Cabinet Doors
We will polish all cabinet doors to help restore that
Stove and Overhead Fan
Scrub grates, drip pans, stove surface, and knobs.
Clean Microwave
We deep clean inside the microwave and wash the removable dish.
Wipe Kitchen Appliances
We clean the top, sides, front and handles of the Fridge, Dishwasher, Stove, Trash Compactor, Wine Fridge, etc.
Counter-Top Appliances
Dont worry, we will make sure your small counter-top appliances get the same TLC as the rest of your home.
Run & Fill Dishwasher
We’ll load and run the dishwasher with any dishes left in the sink.
Wipe Laundry Appliances
Let us make your laundry appliances look new again. We will wipe down your washer and dryer to remove any lint, dirt, and crusty detergent.
Inside Oven
The inside of your oven will be detailed and made to look new again!
Inside Refrigerator
We will make sure the interior of your fridge is clean and ready to use again!
Scrub & Clean Toilets
We scrub your toilets and make sure the base is wiped clean.
Scrub & Clean Showers
We scrub shower walls, doors, and floors.
Scrub & Clean Tubs
We scrub your tubs and wipe fixtures clean.
Scrub & Clean Sinks
We’ll get rid of all the soap scum and water spots on your sink and fixtures.
Clean Countertops
We wipe items on counter and underneath them, and place them back in an organized way.
Living Areas
Vacuum Closet Space
We will vacuum all closet spaces to remove dirt and make your closet floor look new again.
Dust Furniture & Decorations
We wipe away any dust, marks, or spots from furniture and decorations.
Tidy Up Shoes/Clothes
We will fold all clean clothes and place them on your bed. Also, we will put all dirty clothes in the area of your choosing. Unfortunately, due to time constraints we are not able to wash your clothes for you.
Vacuum Couch & Chairs
All chairs and couches will be vacuumed to removed dirt and/or pet hair.
Windows and Blinds
We make sure all your window sills and blinds are property cleaned. This is a very popular option for our move in/out clients!
Deep Clean
Routine Maintenance Cleaning
Move In/Out Cleaning